Thursday, May 7, 2015

Passing the Web Singularity

Okay, I'm calling it. As of 2015, we've officially passed the Web Singularity.

AI driven site design's still kind of on the horizon (I'm looking at you but Kurzweil's baby was never actually about AI, it's about predictability.

The question of the Singularity is 'How far into the future can I predict the state of the world'. The Singularity approaches when that time-distance approaches zero.

Ask yourself this, web dev: how far into the future is that day for you? A year in the future? A month? A week?

What if it's already passed you? What if the web world is actually already beyond where you predict it will be tomorrow?

The Web Singularity isn't just near - it's HERE, and for lots of us it may have already passed.

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