Saturday, December 6, 2014

San Francisco: Day 1

Yesterday I finally completed the long pilgrimage from Georgia to the Long Now Foundation. I had a latte in the Interval, got to chat with the brilliant Jürg Lehni (creator of paper.js and the inventor of Victor, the Long Now's chalkboard robot), saw Alexander Rose and got to speak with Laura Welcher.

I spent a long time sitting at the bar talking to new friends about how many of the Seminars About Long Term Thinking have changed the way I look at the world and inspired me to create the kinds of things I do.

Behind the bar among the spirits is a piece by Brian Eno, an electronic painting that will never show the same face in 10,000 years. It was his talk with Will Wright in 02006 that inspired me to create Galapagos (evolving jewelry) and Iconic (procedurally generated icons) and made me begin to suspect that our universe at it's most granular level is a kind of cellular automata.

A long journey has finally ended.

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