Monday, February 18, 2013

Druid 02

Expanding on my computational ecology: Druid 02! 

This time there are only plants and a Sun with photons that transfer energy to the plants.

The interesting thing here is that each plant has it's own genome, which it inherits from it's parents. Every generation there's a chance for mutation, so over time (and you can actually see this when you run the simulation) the plants will evolve and speciate.

Druid 01

I'm kind of nuts about simulations, and for a long time I've wanted to build a little simulation of an ecosystem.  Druid 01 is the beginning of that.

All the organisms here are asexual, the dark brown ones are herbivores and the orange ones are carnivores. 

One of the interesting things I noticed when putting this thing together, was that without predators, the ecosystem became really hard to balance. Certain parameters, like how much energy an herbivore needed before it reproduced, or how far away a plant could drop it's seeds became extremely important to the lifespan of the ecosystem.

But if you add predators, the whole thing becomes a lot more tolerant of variation.

Hooray for computational ecology!