Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lingua Esoterica

This week's project was to create a toy that would build a language on the spot. Just feed it some text and it will give you a new word for word dictionary.

Lingua Esoterica

At first I thought this might be fun/helpful for people writing fantasy novels for digital distribution. Maybe you want a new elf-language, but don't want to blow a ton of time on actually composing the thing - this makes it easy - just drop in all your elf text and the thing will not only give you the translation, it will provide a word for word glossary of new elvish.

Then I realized this could be useful for anyone who wanted to communicate a secret message in public. Maybe you want to tell your kids to shutup, or your husband that the guy ahead of you in line smells bad.

Maybe you're a 12 year old girl who needs a secret language for your girls-only club. Lingua Esoterica will give you your own language - totally unique to you.

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