Monday, December 12, 2011

Ira Glass and Programming

A few weeks ago M showed me a video of Ira Glass talking about creative work, and it kind of inspired me to change the way I work on things.

In the video he pushes you (whoever you are) to keep on going, to produce and produce and produce whatever it is that you can produce - even if it sucks - because as long as you believe in your good taste, one day you'll birth something you're proud of.

But all your stuff could suck for years before then.

In the past I've spent too much time thinking about whether the things I want to build will be a success or not, and too little time actually building things. I've been lazy, and too critical and too worried, and I'm ashamed of that.

So now - and I know this may come back to bite me later, but - every week I'm going to try to create something new, and if I can't come up with something new, I'll just iterate an old project in a new way.

Most of these will suck. Most of these will be boring or not polished enough. Most of these will fail to be awesome.

Maybe for years.

In that spirit, I've built a new version of the namerater site for people who don't have any ideas yet about what to name their kids.

I'm calling it Creative Selection.

It's not that great.

But I know that often the things I think are worthless, other people find worthy. I am often proven wrong.

I push on in the faith that we were not built to be certain. The glory of a good life is not knowing, but daring, not truth but hope.

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