Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Excuses...

About a month ago I purposed to post a new project every week, and so far it's gone well - some of my projects are cool, some are rubbish, but I've been able - so far - to keep the pace up.

This week I got violently ill and between the vomiting and Christmas I was only able to get the beginnings of a project off the ground.

I expect it to take two weeks, but here's a project outline so you won't think I'm trying to pull a fast one on you: I'm trying to build a simple face-constructor for the name-characters composed by the fiction machine.

This project is harder than the others I've taken on so far because it requires something more of me than just bad programming: it means I have to draw something.

A few months ago M and I were talking about art and how by saying a project is art a lot of the pressure to create something useful or grand is removed, and it's easier and more fun to work on the thing just for its own sake.

This is like that. Some of the other things I've built I want other people to find practical use in, but this time I'm just doing it for fun.

The weekly project is just an excuse.

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