Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How we Named our Daughter: Part 1

The only argument we had before our daughter was born was over what to name our kids.

My beautiful, brilliant wife liked Penelope (like from the Odyssey), but Penelope's husband cheated on her repeatedly. I just couldn't stomach it.

I liked the name Chaos.

Kind of a non-starter, to be honest.

At some point we realized that we couldn't agree because what you name your kids is largely a product of personal taste - we couldn't logic our way to a good solution.

So, being the mathematically inclined diplomats that we are, we finally solved our disagreement with a spreadsheet.

Each of us could post names to the spreadsheet, then we would independently rate them. By taking the combined score, we were able to see that even if a name wasn't at the top of either of our lists (like Penelope or Chaos) it could still be one that we both liked a lot. 

When we just disagreed, there had to be a loser, but by quantifying our affections we could both win, and the one source of conflict in our relationship became a great story to tell for the rest of our lives.

Anyway, we did all that with a Google Spreadsheet - it was kind of busy visually but it worked. 

A few months ago M thought to put the thing together as a websitey appy thing that anyone could go and use.

You can use it to name your kids (like us), or your new dog/business/airship. you can use it to choose where to vacation, or what movie to go see. Really, any decision with more than two options that you want to make democratically can be approached with this thing.

So without further ado Namerater!

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