Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Fiction Machine: Part 1

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That was our daughter. It's her first blog post.

I've been working on a little ai - an extremely narrow ai - that'll write stories the outlines of stories for my daughter. She's not quite a year old, and pretty soon she'll be asking me for a new story every night and I want to be ready. 

I've tried to do this before. The first time I built a pretty generic bed time story about a little girl and a gorilla, it was for my nieces and nephew. It was a failure.

I tried to vary details of the story every time, which sounds easy, but there are tons of details even in a simple story. It's not so simple a thing to deal with of all the ins and outs of a little yarn. I could pretty easily switch the name, the little details like the color of a cape/the eyes/her hair the name of a valley/mountain/island but this only gives you the same plot over and over and over again.

I had it backwards. I'll explain how later.

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