Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Morning Cartoons

I love Amory Lovins and plan to optimize the next house I build for efficiency first. This idea of off-grid living (more capitalist than hippie) appeals most to my affection for automation, since the d_shape automated builder shouldn't have much of a problem implementing stand-alone designs that have no need to plug into city power or waste treatment.

Granted, d_shape can only print structures with a footprint smaller than 6 meters by 6 meters (387.5 square feet), but that's just a single floor - there's no reason we can't build 2 or 3 story homes, and even a single story structure would be twice the size of Tumbleweed's Tiny Homes.

Throw in Morgan and a few little creatures (goats, chickens, toddlers, etc...) and I'm in heaven.


K said...

ever seen these? the main example is like a "hobbit" house, but the essential idea is building in such a way that it flows with and takes prime advantage of the environment for human needs.

Luke Davis said...

Indeed! Came across it the first day I spent on StumbleUpon; the hobbit house is beautiful, and I'd love to build one, but Lovins grows bananas in the Rockies without even the wood burner the Welsh guy uses.

Supercool though.

(Congrats on the interview, by the way!)