Friday, May 22, 2009


Introns of Identity semantic
Chris Vincenhaler once told me that we are the stories we tell of ourselves. If a meme is a unit of culture that can be transmitted from one mind to another, then we can think of it as a viral piece of semantic memory, but there are more species of memory than this. Episodic memory, specifically autobiographical episodic memory must then form a different strain of meme, perhaps one with different patterns of transmittance. We can, then - following Chris' definition of self - describe an individual at a given moment as the phenotypic representation of an alternative splicing of these autobiographical episodic memes.

Put less stupidly: We can be a great many people - our histories allow the telling of ten thousand thousand stories - but who I am right now is not only about the part of my story I tell you, but about the parts of my story I don't.

24 in 24 semantic/prospective
A project for the long weekend: starting Sunday at noon, my friends and I will compose all the creative prose and poetry we can for the following 24 hours. At the end we'll biopsy the literary mass and compose 24 pages to be published through Blurb. Easy Day.

Christmas Plans prospective
Family Dynamics prospective
Symmetry and Chaos semantic

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