Sunday, October 26, 2008

Newaphilia: Love of New Stuff

The overwhelming, uncontrollable affection for new things is a constant driver to lots of people - me included. In this spirit, I'd like to share some of the newest of my affections; for your newaphilic pleasure:

Music for 10 cents a song (your first 50 are free), stored in the cloud with zero ads.

Physics for Future Presidents
Part of UC Berkeley's OpenCourseware Project: PffP is really killer Edutainment with the incredible Richard Muller at the helm. This class covers all the coolest of physics (global warming, nukes, black holes) without any of the dull stuff (bookkeeping).

Like TiVo - except not - and better!

Lindy Hop

My new favorite dance form: New York jazz inspired swing dancing. Short of B-Boy it's the most aggressive high-energy dance I've come across yet. Morgan and I have been at it for about a month now.

Bayesian Reasoning
OMG!!! p(A|X) INDEED SIR!!! Bayes' Theorem - the counterintuitive upsight of an eighteenth century presbyterian minister turns the scientific method into a subset of probability reasoning, and makes me worry much less about breast cancer.

The Quantified Self
Self-Stalking is double-keen, and seeing some of the stuff people are willing to keep track of makes me look forward to the inevitable integration of sites like friendfeed and Daytum.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thomas Barnett

I love this guy. I think I may have to join the military now.

Careers Long Lived

Not long ago, a freshman asked me which career choices were least likely to face outsourcing in the foreseeable future.He'd been reading some Friedman, but I'd been hip deep in Kurzweil so the prospect of transferring a job to India was tame compared to the half mad possibilities Mr. Accelerating Returns loves to espouse.

If it can't be outsourced, it can probably be automated, and automation's not an if question, it's a when, thus searching for that most elusive Methuselahed career path those things hardest to automate will croak last. Soldiers (not pilots - good UAV's will kill that sooner rather than later), Muscisians, Attorneys, Cops, and Doctors I thought would be safe for at least a while longer.


Automation, now there's a career path.